“Week’s Best. Must See. Beautifully and unobtrusively shot, this series is Without A Trace with a bucket of reality thrown over it.” – The Sunday Telegraph

“Missing is worthy and entertaining TV… it is  a well-researched and excellently crafted series… Don’t miss it.”  -The Weekend Australian

“…a lovely series, densely packed with characters, information and emotion. Nicely shot, it juxtaposes heartbreak and normality… and offers a compassionate insight into the people caught up in real mysteries so often trivialized by television drama” – The Age

“… An extremely light touch is needed from a filmmaker for this sort of program.  Fortunately, writer/director Rachel Landers has that touch.  Just when it seems the intrusion into private matters is going too far, she pulls back, without loosing any effect. The stories are skilfully pieced together, providing an insight into the roller coaster of raised and dashed hopes and the double-edged sword of closure.”-  The Guide, Sydney Morning Herald